We are one of the leading suppliers in Refractory Fire Bricks, Insulation Bricks & Insulation Material, Refractory Mortars & Castables, Minerals etc. in the South-West region of India since last 25 years.
In all these years we have earned from our customers is their trust on us and because of this we are still associated with our customers from the past two decades.
We are regularly Exporting to Syria, Dubai, Kenya and Nigeria and are very much interested in expanding our Export activities. We believe in supplying the best quality products to our customers and we know the best will come back to us.

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1. High Temperature Refractory Fire Bricks from 30% to 90% Al2o3 in all shapes & sizes.
2. Special Shapes Bricks as per Customers Drawing & Specification
    (In all Qualities upto Ultra Low Cement Quality)
3. Refractory Bottom Pouring Sets for Induction Furnaces.
4. Sillimanite Bricks
5. Chrome Magnesite Bricks & Magnesite Bricks
6. Cold face Insulation Bricks, Hot face Insulation Bricks & Hot face Kynite base Insulation
7. Ceramic fibre Blanket(64 Kg/M3; 96 Kg/M3; 128 Kg/M3) & Ceramic Fibre Modules
8. Refractory Mortars & Castables (all ranges) (M/s. ACC Lts. & Maithan)
9. Silica Ramming Mass & Magnesia Ramming Mass
10.Low Cement Castables & Ultra Low Cement Castables
11.Insulation Castables(all ranges)
12.Special Shape Blocks in all Qualities i.e. High Alumina Quality as well as Low Cement(LC)
     & Ultra Low Cement(ULC) Castables
13.Hysil Blocks, Calcium Silicate Blocks
14.Acid Resisting Bricks & Pointing material
15.Grove Bricks for Electrical Furnace
16.Rock Wool Slabs, Mineral Wool, LRB mattresses, Glass Wool
17.Ceramic Filters / Foam Filters, Ceramic Tubes
18.Minerals such as Graphite Powder, Bentonite Powder, Perlite Ore, Red Iron Oxide, Kaoline,
     & Chemicals like, P.F. Resin, Calcium Stearite
19.Fluxes for all kinds of industries like Aluminium Foundries & Industries, Steel Plants, Foundries etc.
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